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List Building Feature

It allow you to capture leads and automatically mail them every time you have a new post on your site.

Its Integrated with over 25 Email Autoresponder.


Recover abandoning visitors and turn them into leads.

Exit Intent Technology

Display customized offers at the precise movement when visitor is about to leave your website.

Use this feature to assure top-notch services and promote special offers and products even when the visitor is about to leave.

Time Triggers

Track user interaction and behavior on your website and shoot the right message when they are most likely to convert!

Social Media Following Grower

Grow Followers on Social Media like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram using social media buttons on your website.

Scarcity & Monetization Features

Discounts, Coupons, Offers & more features to give you the EXTRA edge and allow you to make MONEY money.

Personalized Pop ups

Display Pop ups to target either old visitors or new visitors, Pop ups to target visitors based on where they are coming from or based on device they are using.

Traffic Redirecter

Increase Affiliate Sales by redirecting traffic from your website to affiliate links through pop ups.

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